Douglas – Enhanced 3D & Augmented Reality

3D Model Instructions

  • Use your mouse/pointer to drag model
  • Hold ctrl + scroll mouse wheel to scale size up or down

To Enable AR From Desktop

  • To enable AR (mobile device needed) click the AR icon at the top right corner above
  • Scan the QR code with your phone camera to pull it up
  • See additional information below


example of AR icon

example of QR code

How To Use Augmented Reality

If you are new to AR technology please review the information below and if you have any issues please reach out to us.

AR Controls

Project AR Model onto Surface

It is best to use a cleared surface like your kitchen table or a coffee table

  • The program will ask you to move around your device to detect your cleared surface area

To Move Or Place the Model


  • Using one finger drag the model to the center of your screen

To Scale the Size of Model

  • Using both thumbs or two fingers pinch out to scale down or pinch inward to scale up

To Rotate the Model

  • Using both thumbs or two fingers rotate them to spin your model around

Walk Around the Model

  • You can look around the model by walking around the table or moving the device around.  Notice you are able to see the inside of the model if you scale it larger.


AR Device Compatibility

iOS 13+, iPadOS 13+ or Android
with ARCore 1.9+ required

AR Video Tutorial

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