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Financing Your New Construction Project — Approved Lender Partners

We don’t work with all lenders, only those we’ve determined to be the best.  Our criteria include their reputation of customer service, competitive terms, and fees, as well as an expert specific to construction lending. We’ve also listed the most experienced loan agents for you to contact, ones that enjoy working with us, and who will help simplify the process!

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  • 1-time close 30-yr fixed, 15-year fixed, or 10 year ARM. (Lock Rate upfront)
  • Free float down at modification for 30-year and 15 year options
  • Conventional up to 95% (660 Fico)
  • Interest only payment during construction
  • Free re-amortization at modification
  • No seasoning requirements on land purchase or refinance
  • Use equity in appraisal for your down payment (Refi)
  • Eligible to use purchase of land in one loan (talk to lender)
  • 12-month Construction term
  • Primary and Secondary Homes, and upon exception rental homes.
  • No “Spec” homes.
  • 2-4 unit homes eligible
  • Jumbo Products Available on 30 year fixed and 10/1 ARM
  • 720 Minimum Credit Score
  • 90% LTV Max up to $1,000,000
  • 80% LTV Max up to $1,500,000
  • 75% LTV Max over $1,500,000


  • Starting as little as 5% down: We lend up to 95% LTC (Loan to Cost) on owner-occupied homes built with a licensed contractor.
  • What starts at, stays at OlyFed: We don’t sell loans to third parties – that’d be like selling our relationship with you! We assure top-quality service by providing it ourselves.
  • Everyone gets the same rate, No risk-based pricing with our home loans, You get our advertised rate regardless of credit score.
  • Competitive interest rates – Automatically gives you the best rate before closing if a better number comes along, it’s yours.
  • All in one financing: Close up-front on permanent financing – All in one loan no need to refinance and pay additional closing costs or take the risk of interest rates being higher.
  • Jumbo loans – need $725,000 or more? We’ve got this with competitive jumbo rates.


Rebecca Bonneville – 360-275-6001

  • 1-time close 30 or 15-yr fixed

  • Lock rate upfront

  • Free float down at modification

  • Conventional up to 90% LTV min 700 FICO

  • Conventional up to 80% LTV min 680 FICO

  • Interest only payments during

  • Free re-amortization at

  • No seasoning on refi required

  • Use equity in appraisal for your
    down payment (refi)

  • Purchase of Land in one loan

  • 12-month Construction terms

  • Primary and Secondary homes

  • Competitive rates and fees

  • Flexible and quick draw process

  • 100% LTV USDA construction
    loan for qualified buyers


When it comes to financing your new construction project, finding the right lender with short-term construction loan products that transition into long-term mortgages can be overwhelming.  There’s so much information and financing products to consider, as a result, we suggest using one of our approved lenders.  Choosing a lender from our list will not only add familiarity in personnel that we work with regularly but it will also keep your new construction project running smoothly with proven draw processes.

  • All-in-One fixed rate
  • Fixed and adjustable rate products
  • Land purchase, construction, and final mortgage (with modification)
  • 12-month construction term (extension available at $175.00 per month)
  • Fixed-rate during construction
  • Interest-only payment during construction
  • 80% LTV based on the equity of your project
  • Max 85% loan to cost
  • Jumbo loans construction specialists
  • We have local underwriting and approval
  • Responsive and quality hometown officers
  • Disbursement can be processed via email or any Timberland Bank branch
  • Primary, secondary homes, and investment properties
  • 20-acre parcels, larger than 20 acres reviewed on a case-by-case basis


  • Land purchase, construction and final mortgage
  • Max 80% LTV (with proposed structure)
  • Minimum 700 credit score
  • 1% Loan Origination Fee
  • Property needs to be rural
  • No acreage restrictions
  • Farm income producing properties are always eligible (schedule F income) or zoned for Ag (EFU, Forest Zoning, etc.)


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Joey Harman

Joey Harman

Project Consultant

Tacoma Branch

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Meet Joey!  His passion is to help customers realize their dreams of building their custom homes.  This passion with Joey’s ability to listen and understand what the customer needs makes him a perfect fit for your project.  What questions do you have for Joey?

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