Olympic Home Build in Eatonville Washington

Coval Douglas - 2737 SqFt - 5 Bed - 2.5 Bath - 1-Story, Featured

Completed Home Build in Eatonville, WA.

How it started to recently completed in Eatonville, Washington. This Olympic features minimal upgrades. The homeowners of this build upgraded to 9-foot ceilings and their kitchen backsplash. Other than that this build is standard and a good example of what the base Coval Olympic plan offers.

Home Builders Prefer the Coval Olympic

There’s no doubt that our homebuilder customers prefer the Coval Olympic plan.  The Coval Olympic is popular among growing families and can work on smaller lots. We also see many customers who originally planned on building a custom home opting to build this semi-custom home adding their own customizations to make this plan unique to their family.

How it Started – The Perfect Lot in Eatonville

As an ‘On Your Lot’ builder, whenever we see existing structures on a lot it’s typically a good sign showing it can support the demolition and rebuild or the addition of another structure. This is a case of the latter, with a preexisting barn for their horses on the lot. The build area was already cleared of trees and was flat.

Notable Requirements By Pierce County

  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Easements, buffers, and setbacks
  • Established wetlands established by a biologist
  • Septic tank – because of no access to the sewer system
  • Sheet flow and trench dispersion

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Constructing The Coval Olympic on an Eatonville Lot

Once the horizontal development aspects of the build were completed and approved by Pierce County, the vertical development began. This particular Coval Olympic build had minimal architectural changes at the homeowner’s request. Most visible change was the belly bands added to the side eaves of the home.  Everything else is standard with the base model.

Starting with Semi-Custom and Ending with Custom

Making architectural changes, although limited in terms of what can be done, is a good way to really customize a build, making the home unique to the homeowner.

Coval Olympic - 1904 SqFt - 4 Bed - 2.5 Bath - 2-Story

Completed Coval Olympic Home Build in Eatonville Washington

After the foundation and framing were completed this home build started coming together visibly. The homeowners started to notice many of their design decisions starting to manifest and their dream home becoming a reality.

Architectural Changes

  • Exterior Belly Bands

Upgrades and Customizations In This Home Build

  • Upgrade: 9′ ceiling
  • Upgrade: Kitchen tile backsplash

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