Fircrest Home Build in Vaughn Washington

Coval Fircrest - 1662 SqFt - 3 Bed - 2 Bath - 1-Story

Recently Completed Home Build in Vaughn, WA.

How it started to recently completed in Vaughn, Washington. This Coval Fircrest offers what the base plan would feature with minimal upgrades. The majority of this project consists of the base home plan options and standards.

Home Builders Prefer the Coval Fircrest

There’s no doubt that our homebuilder customers prefer the Coval Fircrest plan.  The Coval Fircrest is popular among growing families as a good first home-build option. And, for empty-nesters who want to downsize (not downgrade) to a manageable living space while still having enough room to entertain and host grandchildren.

How it Started – The Perfect Lot in Vaughn, WA

The majority of the lots we build on have a slight grade. This property is no exception from the front of the property to the end of the property the slopes 4-6 feet in various areas, with the home footprint itself having less variation. The homeowner’s primary contingent being the septic tank and drain field, due to no access to a sewer system.

Required By Pierce County

  • Septic and drain field
  • Utilities: power and water

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Building The Coval Fircrest in Vaughn

Once the horizontal development aspects of the build were completed and approved by Pierce County, the vertical development began. This particular Coval Fircrest build had no major architectural changes so the vertical construction went smoothly.

The Coval Fircrest Built in Vaughn – During Construction Photos

Completed Coval Fircrest Build in Vaughn Washington

Because the land itself was in good condition with a slight grade and the fact that the owners kept most of the standard options. This build was pretty much textbook.

Architectural Changes

  • No major changes or modifications
  • This home was built per standard plan

Upgrades and Customizations In This Home Build

  • Upgrade: Hot water tank
  • Upgrade: Countertops

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