Cottonwood Home Build in Rainier Washington

Coval Cottonwood - 3478 SqFt - 5 Bed - 3.5 Bath - 1-Story, Featured

Recently Completed Home Build in Rainier, WA.

How it started to recently completed in Rainier, Washington. This Cottonwood features customized architectural choices like removing the kitchen island, 9′ ceilings, removing the vaulted ceiling in the great room along with other modifications!

Our Largest Home Plan the Coval Cottonwood

There’s no doubt that our homebuilder customers prefer the Coval Cottonwood plan.  Offering two variations, the standard single-family and the multi-generation; the Coval Cottonwood is popular among growing families and empty-nesters. We also see many customers who originally planned on building a custom home opting to build this semi-custom home adding their own customizations to make this plan unique to their family.

How it Started – The Perfect Lot in Rainier

Every home build site is different, this site had another project during its construction. The homeowner was also constructing a barn for their animals during the process.

Notable Requirements By Thurston County

For the majority of our home builds, this work is typically done by the homeowner. We do offer a turnkey option (ask your home consultant) so you can relax during this phase of your home-build project. But, if you choose to manage this aspect alone. We have a list of resources to help you obtain your initial goals.

  • Easements, buffers, and setbacks
  • Established wetlands, or protected areas established by a biologist
  • Septic tank – because of no access to the sewer system
  • Sheet flow and trench dispersion

Do You Need Help Finding Land?

Constructing The Coval Cottonwood on a Rainier Lot

Once the horizontal development aspects of the build were completed and approved by Thurston County, the vertical development began. This particular Coval Cottonwood build had extensive architectural changes at the homeowner’s request. Most visible change was converting the standard Coval Cottonwood to 9′ ceilings and removing the vaulted ceilings in the great room.

Starting with Semi-Custom and Ending with Custom

Making architectural changes, although limited in terms of what can be done, is a good way to really customize a build, making the home unique to the homeowner.

Coval Cottonwood - 3478 SqFt - 5 Bed - 3.5 Bath - 1-Story, Featured

Completed Coval Cottonwood Home Build in Rainier Washington

After the foundation and framing were completed this home build started coming together visibly. The homeowners started to notice many of their design decisions starting to manifest and their dream home becoming a reality.

Architectural Changes

  • 9′ Ceilings
  • Removed kitchen island
  • Removed vaulted ceiling in the great room
  • Interior wall adjustments to create work spaces
  • Additional exterior doors

Upgrades and Customizations In This Home Build

  • Mostly standard options were selected for this project

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