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  • Understanding the roles you have as a first time home builder
  • Working with a custom home builder or semi-custom home builder
  • How to find land to build your dream home
  • How to finance your build
  • Understanding how additional costs can happen
  • The design and decision process
  • Site development
  • And more…

First Time Home Builder’s Guide

As a first time home builder, it’s common to want to solely manage every aspect of your home build.  Deciding to take on too much might lead to cost overages and wasted time.  We understand, that it’s exciting and you should feel excited, but building your dream home is not a race and there are a few aspects of your build project that you cannot control (permitting, land studies, inspections, etc.).

The purpose of this guide is to educate the first time home builder on 8 aspects of home building to consider with your first project before you start building.  To avoid those costly overages and time delays we will explain how to avoid mistakes as you begin your home building project.


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