Feasibility, Permitting & Pre-Construction Expert Webinar 10/7

Sep 20, 2022 | Virtual Events, News

Recorded Friday, (10/7) @ 12 PM PT

Feasibility Webinar

Event Details:
Friday 10/7 @ 12-12:30 PM

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When it comes to Land Feasibility, Permitting, and Pre-Construction there are a lot of unknowns for home builders to navigate alone, and even the most experienced builders hire Feasibility Experts to streamline their process. In this webinar, we will focus on this feasibility stage of the building process as we provide you with another resource to answer questions like:

– What is Feasibility, and approximately what does it cost?
– How much time should I request from the seller?
– Should I trust a Feasibility Study done by the seller?
And more!

Whether you are a first-time builder looking to become familiar with or a seasoned pro looking to find a resource, if you have questions regarding Feasibility, Permitting, or Pre-Construction we encourage you to sign up for this free 30-minute webinar and ask our expert panelist.

Registration is required to attend! Limited spots are available!

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