Coval’s CMS “Construction Management System”

May 3, 2017 | News, Updates

What are the two biggest complaints nationally that clients have about the custom home construction process? Number one is lack of organization from their builder, number two is lack of communication throughout the process. For the most part it seems that clients have been fairly satisfied with the quality of work nationally that my industry provides. However, studies show that they are very displeased with the process (or lack of process) that their builder brought to the project.

At Coval Homes we’ve tackled these issues head-on and have since continually improved upon our process – your step by step guide to an organized, enjoyable semi-custom home construction process. Often copied, never duplicated, the Coval Homes process has been a valuable tool in guiding our clients through this otherwise complex process.

How do we improve on such a successful tool? Introducing BuilderTrend Software. We implemented this system in 2012 and the benefits are amazing. Imagine a single portal that manages customer communication, vendor communication, detailed scheduling, change orders, allowances and much more. Clients have access through their private login to view updated photographs of their project, check their “To Do” list, initiate and reply to emails with employees, etc. They can even share pictures with friends and post to FaceBook!

Want to know what will be happening on your project in five weeks? Simply click on the Calendar and move forward to that date and you can see the specific activities that will be taking place at that time. The system automatically alerts vendors and subcontractors of upcoming commitments, allowing them to better manage their time and increase project efficiency.

Want to know if you’re over or under budget on your allowance items? A quick look at the Allowance tab will show you exactly where you stand. Change orders are initiated and approved here as well, speeding up the process and limiting downtime.

At Coval Homes we want to be YOUR semi-custom homebuilder. Developing innovative systems and adopting new technology gives our clients the peace of mind to relax and enjoy their semi-custom homebuilding experience. Come see for yourself!

At Coval Homes, we are a semi-custom homebuilder eager to assist you with your lot analysis, home design and construction. For more information about our unique process, please contact us.

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