Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your New Home

Mar 22, 2014 | Tips, How-Tos

When you’re building your new home, there’s millions of decisions that have to be made throughout the entire process. One of those decisions? Choosing the right paint colors. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right colors for your new space, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Who will be using this space the most?
  • Depending on what space you are trying to choose a color for, different people might be using that room more than others (especially if it’s someone’s bedroom or bathroom), so of course you want to choose a color that will be right for that person. It might not hurt to bring them into the decision making process, but if not, just try to think from their perspective and think about how certain colors would make them feel.
  • What do you want to feel when you enter the room?
  • It’s no secret that specific colors elicit different emotions, so it might not hurt to establish what you want each room to make you feel whenever you enter/whenever you spend time in there. Depending on your response, that might help you narrow down the color options. For example, if you want to feel serene and relaxed in a specific room, you might want to stick with cooler and neutral tones.
  • What will this do for the resale value?
  • If you are planning to sell and do not want to have the house repainted before you do so, it might not hurt to just stick with classic and neutral colors that won’t ever go out of style!

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