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    2120 Plan

    Floor Plans

    ●Interior- Primed & Painted

    ●Cement LAP & Rocked Garage

    ●Recessed Can Lights*.

    ●Ask about modifying our floorplans!

Let us help you get to know your home.


Each Coval Home has been designed to provide features that address the many needs & wants. We also enable you to customize the home to your personal taste with a wide variety of upgrades to choose from.

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Our Process

Building a home is not something you do every day. Maybe you are wondering “Where do I start and what needs to be done before I can begin construction?” We’re here to help…

“Anyone can build you a home, it takes hard work to build lasting relationships” D.B.

Your Home - Your Way

Built Your Way

Building your dream home can be an exciting time. We invite you to share your ideas with a Coval Homes representative to see how we can make your dream come true.